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 A.V.A Option

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PostSubject: A.V.A Option   Sun Sep 26, 2010 1:05 am


1. List of menus you can configure.
2. Configure resolution and aspect ratio according to your monitor model. 800*600 resolution is not supported when in Lobby. It applies to Game Screen only.
3. Gamma setting for screen brightness adjustment.
4. Switch between Video Settings. (Auto Setting recommended)
5. Set Shader Model and Anisotropic Filter.
Shader Model : Using higher Shader Model (3.0) gives more realistic texture quality and lower Shader Model (2.0) enhances game speed.
May vary according to video hardware. Must restart the game to apply.
Since Shader Model 3.0 and 2.0 supports different processing technologies, dark areas may not be as bright under same Gamma setting.
Normal Mapping Specular Dynamic Light
20.P Χ Χ Δ
2.0 Χ Ο Ο
3.0 Ο Ο Ο
Anisotropic Filter : Improves quality of slope in far distance.
+ Higher setting will enable clearer graphic.
+ Please note that higher setting will slow game.
important Applicable based on video hardware performance.
6. Configures Character and Background Settings.
Character Detail
Higher setting enables more detailed character movement.
Higher setting may slow down the game speed for PCs below system requirements.

Background Detail
Option to select whether to use or not to use detailed manifestation of background images.
7. Configures Light and Shadow.
Light alters lighting effects taking place when steam or fire is generated, or when explosion occurs
+ Single Light Source: Select for simple representation of light source to generally affect characters only.
+ Complex Light Source: Select to apply effect on characters, walls, and background objects as well.
8. Configures settings related to Screen Effect.
+ Used for smoother curves and slope graphic
+ Higher setting gives smoother graphic but drastically decreases games performance.
Performance decrease is greater in higher resolution.
important Applicable based on video hardware performance.

Bloom : The effect produces fringes (or fethers) of light around very objects in the game.

Fog : Use this setting for perspective presentation to give more realistic picture of objects in far distance. Slows down game speed.

Color Correction : color correction for more spectacular color presentation.
9. Configures Advanced Special Effect.
+ Special Effect Detail : configures quality of gun fire, explosion, and blood mark.
+ Special Effect Reinforcement : configures variations of gun fire and explosion.

10. Configures Other Settings.
+ Forces frame to be adjusted to monitor's refresh rate (Hz) configured in current resolution.
+ Not recommended for PCs with above system requirements. Frame quality may level down.

Smooth Frame
+ Controls drastic frame change during game play.
+ Reduces screen freeze or lag.
important Does not enhance frame quality itself.

Frame Stabilize
+ Changes the way frame is calculated to Parallel Computation for faster processing.
+ Performance may decrease based on the type of CPU. (minimum requirement is Quad-core CPU)

11. Alters color configuration.
12. Configures texture quality. (Shader Model 3.0 only)

13. Adjust maximum number of audio channels for simultaneous output. Lower number of channels is recommended for PCs below system requirements.
14. Adjust each sound volumes.
15. Switch between Reverberation Effect ON/OFF.

16. You can adjust mouse sensitivity. Higher setting will increase mouse movement speed.
17. Use to reverse mouse Up/Down.
18. Select for smoother mouse movement. When not using the mouse or if you experience unstable screen change, try enabling V-SYNC and Frame Stabilize options in Video Manual Setting.

19. Select a key you want to configure then press new key to use.
20. Restore changed keys to Default setting.

21. Use Second Cam option to view headshots scenes and etc on small cam screen. (high system requirements)
22. Use or do not use Scaled HUD.(HUD is enlarged according to resolution)
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A.V.A Option
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