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PostSubject: Convoy   Convoy I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 26, 2010 1:28 am

Convoy Mission

In convoy mission, players must transport a designated object to the target area to win. Sometimes the object is guarded by the opposing force.
Picking up the designated object

The designated object is in a safe box. Press 'E' key to disable the lock and take it.

When the object reaches the target area, you win the round.
Convoy Map List

* Runaway



Operation :
Date :
Early August, 2008.
Location :
A hydropower plant in Eder Dam, Bad Wildungen, Ruhrgebiet, Germany.
Type :
Mission Object :
Take the Suitcase Nuke.
EU : Run away to one of the two escape spots with the Suitcase Nuke after taking it from the hydropower plant, or annihilate the enemy.
NRF : Deter the enemy from taking the Suitcase Nuke before the time expires, or annihilate them.
Early August in 2008, EU southern force advancing over the France border towards the German inland, set their bridgehead in northern Bad Wildungen, a small city in Ruhrgebiet, Germany to attack Hamburg. NRF in Hamburg already knew their intentions and was planning on destroying Eder Dam of Eder River in northern west of Bad Wildungen and submerge EU bridgehead in the downstream.
For the operation, remaining nukes from Operation Break Out was secretly moved to the hydroelectric power plant inside the Eder Dam, but the plan was betrayed to the EU special force by an EU spy within NRF. Evacuation order was immediately sent to the EU forces in the downstream, but the time was not enough to evacuate the whole force. Now, EU headquarters starts an operation sending special unit 623 to infiltrate Eder Dam and capture the nuke itself…

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