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PostSubject: FFA   FFA I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 26, 2010 1:31 am

Free For All Military Drill

FFA mode is an individual military drill where it is every man for himself. Everyone is your enemy. In order to win this individual match, you must be the first to reach the pre-set score amount or have the highest score when the time runs out.
Picking up Health Packs

There are designated health pack locations in the map. Go to the green arrow when your health is low to refill your health gauge.

Press Tab to see an overview of the map and the health pack locations.
Leader Board

At the Top of the screen, you can locate the leader board. There are 3 pieces of information. Current Leader, Leader’s Score, and Pre-Set Score to win the match.
FFA Map List

* Fox Hunting

Fox Hunting


Operation :
Fox Hunting
Date :
April, 2008.
Location :
A small town, Bourgogne, France
Type :
Free For All
Individual Military drill. Be the first to reach the pre-set score to win.
The EU's swift retaliation in force is successful. Within a couple months, EU liberated France and Germany, pushing the battle line to the east.
But the rapid shift of battle line left many pocket resistances. Some of such NRF forces refused to surrender and engaged in organized guerilla warfare.
Troubled EU redeploys some of its front line regiments back for a sweeping operation.
In Bourgogne, France, a group of NRF guerillas penetrate a small village in the area and manage to acquire the transmission codes of EU and tries to send them back to the main NRF force.
Aware of the activity of these guerillas, EU launches an operation to intercept them. sunny
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