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PostSubject: Controls   Controls I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 26, 2010 1:35 am


* Left Mouse Button

Left Mouse Button
* Rigth Mouse Button

Rigth Mouse Button
Weapon's Secondary Function (Scope, Aim Mode)
* Mouse Wheel

Mouse Wheel
Weapon Change
* Mouse Wheel

Mouse Movement
Screen Movement

Character Movement
Forward W
Backward S
Left Sidestep A
Right Sidestep D
Crouch Press and hold CRTL to keep crouching
Walk Press and hold SHIFT key to keep walking
Sprint Press 'W' key twice quickly
Sprint Crouching Press 'W' key twice quickly while crouching
Select Primary Weapon 1
Select Secondary Weapon 2
Select Melee Weapon 3
Select Grenade Press 4 key consecutively to switch between Grenades
Select Mission Objective (C4) 5
Select Binoculars Binoculars usage only applies when user is squad leader. Press 5 key to pull out binoculars. Right click to zoom in and left click to capture a shot. Capturing a shot of your enemy will reveal his location to your team.
Reload R
Shift to Previous Weapon Q
Use Night Vision N
Equip Silencer V
Exchange Weapon G
Disarm C4 and use backgroup objects E
Branch Selection
Select Point Man for next round F1
Select Rifle Man for next round F2
Select Sniper for next round F3
Quick Chat
Tactical Chat Z
Normal Chat X
Command Chat C
Select Chat Message 0~9
Team Chat ENTER
Public Chat SHIFT + ENTER
Reply Whisper CRTL + ENTER
Clan Chat ALT + ENTER
View Previous Chat Messages PAGE UP & DOWN
Spectator Mode
Switch Target Left Mouse Button
Exit Game ESC
View Status Window TAB
Screen Capture PrintScreen
Decrease Mouse Sensitivity [
Increase Mouse Sensitivity ]
Before you get started!

1. You can select your branch using 'F1' (Point Man), 'F2' (Rifle Man), 'F3' (Sniper) keys.
2. You can pick up new weapon from the field and change with yours with 'G' key.
3. If you are not sure about how to plant the C4, press '5' key to select the C4 then press 'G' key to drop it. Other player can pick up dropped C4.
4. To plant the C4, press '5' key while in 'C4 Setup Area' then press and hold 'Left' Mouse Button until the C4 is planted.
5. To disarm C4 change, align your crosshairs to C4 then press and hold 'E' key until C4 is disarmed.
6. You can sprint by pressing 'W' key twice. You will keep sprinting as long as you hold 'W' key after pressing for second time.
7. When in dark areas or in underground facilities, press 'N' key to use Night Vision. Night Vision will allow easier sighting in unlit areas.
8. For SMGs and some Secondary Weapons, you can equip Silencer with 'V' key.
9. When using 'Grenades' you can throw with 'Left' Mouse Button or roll-in with 'Right' Mouse Button.
10. You can adjust your Mouse Sensitivity with '[' and ']' keys while playing.
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